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Disarm Records.. were borned from the controversy issued at the end 2006. This is the independent label manage by ..Peja.. as the owner. Disarm Records will handle the independent projects. So just let we know if you guys wanna join our projects or shows... Feel free to contact us with all of your questions, we are here to answer them, and are always happy to hear from you. We are communication driven because we believe it is the only way to truly learn from each other. If you have any questions with regards to our bands, the website or any other of our activities, get in touch! We will try to answer your questions the same day you send them. Love & Protect Our Scene!! Rock On!!.. ......Support Your Local Independent Bands!!



Its all begin when niq got a job in kuala terengganu and he meet with his old friend one sunny day,they have made up a little conversation to perform a band for their own satisfaction in terms of hardcore the early time,they had to move slowly because of study and work comitment .otherwise its really hard to find a suitable line up.after a short hibernation,their band finally come to be july 2009,after they found a few handsome guys that willing to gave a comitment to their band,then with the combination of post-hardcore,emotional lyrics,screaming vocal and happy expression,which i dont know what genre to call it,=) a new band was born.they name it as 'a kisses before sunset'.at this time,they try really hard to compose their own songs and in the same time to keep active in the east coast hardcore scenes!! so just wait for it!! dont worry be happy =)..

Line-up :..
DAUS - screamer/growl..
IWANS - guitarist/vocal..
HASYIR - bassist..
NIQ - drummer.. 

..The Words by: ..NiQ.



Fool Wave Party was formed at the mid of 2008.This band was form with 6 line up, Shahey, John , Qutt , Laloq , Amer and Boteng. The idea to form this band is from John. The idea was come after listen many kind of stuff like Duran Duran , Joy Division , New Order and The Killers. It is because the sound from these all band very cool and catchy. After all of us agree, then we started to jammed and collect idea to make our own song. We try to play our own song and at every time we jammed we improve our song. If anything we don’t like we discuss and try to make another else. Its not take too much time. At the end of year 2008, we have our own song. At that time we just only have 3 songs. And we try to recording 3 this song. We recorded this song by live because this recoding just for fun. We just want to listen it where it is good or not. Then after listen it we satisfied. But some of our line up said 3 songs it not enough. We must do at least 5 songs. So we must work hard, listen, jamming, discuss and collect some idea. After working hard we get that ideas and we well satisfied. In one day, John discuss with us to access under one label and the label is manage by his friend. The label is calling Disarm Records. All of us agree with that to join Disarm Records. We are happy because we are not walk alone. We were help by Disarm Records. Disarm Records told us to make our demo launching together. So we started to records our song properly. We take about one month so settle the recording session. After the recording was done, and the demo was out, we launching our demo at mid of 2009. The demo was name “Transmission of Civilions”. ..
If anything want to ask or want to tell or to invite contact us at:..

Our myspace:
Thanks for the read. Take care guys! :D..

Line-up :..
Sahey - Vocals..
John - Guitars..
Qutt - Keyboard/Synthizer..
Lalop - Bassist..
Amir - Drummer..
Boteng - Laptop/Efek/kaoss pad..

..The Words by: ..John.



..Malay Version:....

Dahulu band ini dikenali sebagai DIAMOND BACKS. Ditubuhkan pada 2005 yang dianggotai oleh Amy sebagai vokal dan gitar utama, Chiko sebagai pemain drum, dan Wan sebagai pemaain bass...

Selang berapa tahun, Kami menukar kan nama sebaga THE DIAMOND disebbkan ingin memperjuangkan indie rock bukan sekadar genre tapi semangat dalam diri...

Pada tahun 2006, line bertukar disebabkan masing2 meneruskan pembelajaran. line up baru pada 2007 ialah Amy sebagai vokal dan gitar utama, Ad sebagai gitar kedua, Amai sebagai pemain bass dan Tapa sebagai pemain drum...

Memainkan melodi rancak seperti franz ferdinand Kami juga telah memasuki pertandingan band dan juga ROTTW...

Pada tahun 2008, Amai keluar band ini disebabkan ingin sambung belajar dan di gantikan Wan sebagai pemain bass...

Terima kasih pada kawan2 yg terus menyokong kami dari asal name band DIAMOND BACK hingga band ini di tukar name THE DIAMOND. Kami sentiasa update dgn peredaran masa dgn music2 kami!! TERIMA KASIH
ROCK ON!! ..

Latest Line-up :..

AMY - singer and lead guitar..
AD - backup singer and second guitar..
WAN - bassist..
EDZMEER - drummer..
TAPA - session drummer..

..The words by: ..Amy......



..8 Nov 2006, Billiary Atresia was founded by Shaiful after he met with Piranazs. At that time, Shaiful's old band split because of disciplinary problem. At that time, Piranazs had a band that played modern rock as a bassist, Dazmelon. After few days when shaiful met Affan at Tower Record, Affan was first appointed as a second guitar. From then on, Billiary Atresia was formed. The first jamming, it was quite confusing because of the different genre that they influenced by. Back to the studio, Billiary Atresia try to make a song that they wanted. After many practice they agreed to play Experimental/Progressive/Rock. Shaiful try to find oppurtunity to bring Billiary Atresia further. After that, Billiary Atresia officially became a family of DISARM RECORDS managed by Peja (cwi). The band members had a different influence in music. Shaiful who was influenced towards new age and rock 70's, Affan heavily influenced by British,Sweedish and Irish, Piranazs was influenced more towards metal...
May 2009, the band name was changed. Now they are know as ..DIVISION BELL.

Latest Line Up :..

Shaiful        - 1'st guitar..
Affan          - 2'nd guitar.. 
Ayie           - drummer..
Eee            - bass..

..The words by: ..Shaiful

Booking / Artist Management :
Nazry : +6019.624.9353..
Email :


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