Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lets Join NeoBux with my referral name

Hola-hola geng.. aku baru je join benda alah ni.. macam menarik jek... apa kata korank pon join skaki nak?? Baca dulu info yg aku amik dari blog ni : is a PTC(paid to click) website where you earn by clicking ads daily.

Clicking ads takes less than 5 mins.Instead of just surfing on the net you can earn money by just spending 5 mins on this website.You can register for free by clicking the banner below.Register and earn from anywhere worldwide.You get your payments through paypal,an online payment processor.A few other other payout options are also available.You can open a paypal account for free.You will get paid in US dollars,but from your paypal a/c you can convert them into your local currency and withdraw.After registering, click on 'view advertisements' on the top right corner and click on the ads you find on that page below to start earning money.You can click ads everyday.

Click below to register for free now!
Referral Name : syoklah
  • is a verified PTC site.Also it is the best as the payments are made within a few seconds.
  • To earn more one can also rent people(known as referrals) to click ads.
  • They make money for you by clicking ads.This will increase your earnings.
  • For example you can rent 20 referrals for 5$ only and you will get pai d for the ads they click.
  • Upgrades are also available to get paid more per ad click and referral ad click and many 
  • other features including discounts in renting referrals.
  • Upgrading your account really increases your earnings.
here is the payment proof :
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.
                                                                         (click above to open a free paypal account)


info from :

Kat atas ni detail pasal akaun dia lah, bukan aku tau sbb aku baru je join... tp aku dah lama tau pasal NEOBUX ni.. cuma susah skit nak register sbb dia kena guna "referral" utk register.. ari ni aku baru jumpe referral.. tu pasal aku baru daftar... sekarang ni kalau korank nak join... guna je nama aku sbagai "referral" korank... jom kita wat duit sesama.... amacam?? best kan?? heheheh.

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